Security Services

Cannabis Security 
January 2018 – present

DDCues designed an integrated security system and developed best-in-class security protocols for a Massachusetts cannabis cultivation facility. Our services included a comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessment and the preparation of a tailored, cost-effective security solution.

Armed Security
March 2016 – September 2017

DDCues provided armed security guard services at US Government facilities. Our services included control and security of vehicular and pedestrian access to the facilities, periodic threat and vulnerability assessments, and security program development and evaluation.

University Security 
New York
September 2018 – present

DDCues provides security for university athletic events at stadiums and other large-capacity venues. Our services include crowd management and access control for parking lots, VIP and broadcast booths, and general admission seating areas. Additionally, we provide security training and safety consulting for university first responders.

Construction Security 
New York
October 2018 – present

DDCues provides security for several construction sites in the Albany, New York area. Our services include risks assessments, the development of site-specific security plans and protocols, and the provision of full-time uniformed security guards.