Armed & Unarmed Security

DDCues offers a full spectrum of security services for individuals, businesses, and government agencies.

Our trainers, analysts, and field officers are seasoned experts – drawn from law enforcement, military, and intelligence communities.


Dicks Sporting Goods, At&T, Dave & Busters, Chick-Fil-A, Other Retailers Nationwide

DDCues provides armed security to retail businesses concerned about property theft, threats against employees, and site security. Our guards serve in uniformed and plain clothes capacities, stationed at entry points, performing patrols, and addressing concerning behavior. Our law enforcement connections ensure top quality, talent, and experience.


Division-1 Sports, National Conferences, Billboard 50 Concerts, Multi-Day Tournaments, Other Events.

DDCues provides advanced security for major events and venues, regularly exceeding 20,000 persons. Our services include crowd management, access control, backstage security, threat monitoring, perimeter patrols, and individual screening of attendees. We additionally provide security training and safety consultations for first responders and event managers too.


General Electric, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Superfund Sites, Other Locations Nationwide.

DDCues provides full-time security for major industrial sites, ranging from remote geotechnical construction sites to state-of-the-art urban industrial plants exceeding 1-million sq. ft. Our officers provide security of entry points, perimeters, interior spaces, and protect some of the most specialized equipment in the Northeast. We are particularly experienced in securing sites facing active threats, such as pharmaceuticals and dangerous materials.


Private Individuals, Corporate Leaders, Traveler Exfiltration From Conflict Zones, Worldwide Support.

Utilizing its unique global network of US veterans, aid workers, and foreign nationals, DDCues has provided travel briefings, travel security, and in-country resources to VIP individuals abroad. This includes everything from airport pick-up service to warzone extractions.