Investigations & Due Diligence

DDCues delivers timely, accurate, and cost-effective investigative solutions. We routinely perform background screenings, integrity monitoring, fraud investigations, and due diligence for private and public institutions. However, unlike other mass-market providers, our experienced constellation of hands-on investigators and analysts produce the most reliable and in-depth thorough examinations possible.

We are particularly proud to support you in deterring, identifying, and reporting fraud, waste, abuse, and risk. This includes our team of integrity monitors who ensure compliance, protect taxpayer dollars, provide transparency, and meet critical regulatory requirements. When implemented correctly, investigators like these generate cost savings in excess of its fees and provide additional operational and reputational dividends. DDCues has significant experience in this field, allowing us to employ the least disruptive and most cost-effective practices for our clients.


Javits Convention Center, Moynihan Train Hall Expansion

DDCues was a member of the integrity monitoring team for the $1.5 billion dollar expansion of the Javits Center and the $1.6 billion dollar expansion of the Moynihan Train Hall. Our monitorship role included contractor vetting, MWDBE audits, prevailing wage investigations, and contract compliance. Our staff was not only responsible for on-site support, but also the creation of broader strategies for deterring, detecting, and preventing fraud, waste and abuse.


NY State Power Authority, Statewide

DDCues provides on-site security and compliance reviews, ensuring adequate security posture and risk management. In our work for NYPA, our staff ensured adherence to national and state policy and evaluating the work of other contractors to adequately protect critical infrastructure facilities. This multi-site contract had our staff reviewing multiple sites and their operational procedures under active Threats.


Financial Service, M&A Firms, Export/Import, Overseas Pharmaceutical

DDCues performs due diligence for firms seeking to partner or acquire business entities. Our corporate investigations include on-site intelligence collection, discrete source inquiries, asset surveillance and comprehensive research.

Our work has exposed fraudulent businesses abroad, discovered connections to organized crime domestically, and raised operational concerns on site. This information allows our clients to pursue alternative investments consistent with their risk tolerance and threat determinations.


NY State Agency, Multi-State Effort

DDCues conducts Alive and Well checks, fraud surveillance, and investigative work on behalf of a NY State benefits provider. Our staff assists this agency in confirming beneficiary status and managing their long-term compensation programs. This multi-year contract requires hundreds of investigators and maintains coverage of over a dozen states.