Investigations / Intelligence Collection

New York State Agency
New York, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania
January 2020 – present

DDCues conducts Alive and Well checks throughout New York and the East Coast on behalf of a state benefits provider. Our investigations assist the state agency in confirming beneficiary status and managing long-term compensation.

Financial Services Firms
New York City
February 2015 – present

DDCues conducts comprehensive background investigations for several New York investment banks in connection with pre-transaction due diligence and high-impact hires in order to mitigate risk and protect assets and reputation. These investigations include discrete source inquiries, comprehensive background screenings, and the preparation of detailed investigative and due diligence reports. Our investigations and assessments help our clients obtain a complete picture and make fully informed decisions regarding key employee hires and strategic transactions.

Global Pharmaceutical Company
January – April 2017

As part of pre-transaction due diligence for the acquisition of an entity with assets in Syria, DDCues conducted in-country intelligence collection, including discrete source inquiries, site visits, and asset surveillance. DDCues’ comprehensive due diligence raised operational and reputational concerns, which allowed our client to pursue alternative investments consistent with its risk tolerance.

Global Telecommunications Company
March – April 2016

DDCues conducted comprehensive in-country route reconnaissance and intelligence collection in Iraq to identify telecommunications infrastructure deficiencies and development opportunities, which allowed our client to identify previously unknown or poorly understood strategic risks.