Integrity Monitoring

An integrity monitor is an independent third party retained by an organization to deter, identify, and report fraud, waste, and abuse, as well as to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Government organizations engage integrity monitors on publicly funded projects to safeguard taxpayer dollars, provide transparency and efficiency in government spending, and prevent and detect fraud, mismanagement of funds, and corruption. Private businesses hire integrity monitors for a variety of reasons, including in response to an investigation by law enforcement or regulators or on a voluntary basis to ensure that subcontractors and/or employees are performing their responsibilities in a lawful, compliant manner. When implemented correctly, an integrity monitoring program generates cost savings in excess of its fees and provides additional operational and reputational dividends.

DDCues has significant experience providing integrity monitoring services, including internal investigations, compliance programs/standards of conduct reviews, and reporting to government agencies. We utilize our extensive resources and industry knowledge to employ minimally disruptive and cost effective practices for our clients.